Maintaining areas harmonious with the natural environment
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asy victory over them, they confidently expected to dispose of me without very much trouble, announcing that they were fully determined to kill me as,

of warrior

they said, they had killed my brother

s. Some of the natives had dressed themselves in the clothes of the ill-fated Goanese, and proudly paraded t

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hemselves in front of my camp, while

others were firing off the guns they had taken in the loot. For the time being, however, they kept at a respectfu

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l distance, and we went on strengtheni

ng our defences; but it made my blood boil when I saw that they had cut off the heads of the murdered men and stuck them on poles, which t

ering all
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round us, an


hey were carrying about as trophies. I knew what my fate would be if I were unlucky enough to fall into their clutches, while my anxiety was increased by the fact that our stock of ammunition was running very low, as we had been away from headquarters so many months and hunting so much that we had used it nearly all up. 224 As far as I could learn, the Chinga people could muster about five thousand fighti


ng men, reckoning in the other tribes who were standing in with them, and the only course open to me was to stand on the defensive. Bartier pr


omised to give me all the help he could, but I could see that his people were terribly afraid, and I could quite understand their feel


ing, as, if they befriended me, and it should so happen that the Chinga people wiped me out, then they would be in for it. Bartier did, howeve

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